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Assessing Resilience Digitally

BeingMe is the groundbreaking new app used to assess young peoples resilience. Find out how this easy-to-use digital assessment tool can help you and others.

About Us

BeingMe was created with the vision of enabling young people to develop their own wellbeing by providing them with a simple assessment that points them to areas of their wellbeing that might be stopping them thriving.

With the raised awareness of mental health issues, BeingMe is the perfect tool for schools to identify specific areas of wellbeing where young people are failing and provide appropriate support.

Privacy and Data

BeingMe maintains all data within the UK and manages data in line with GDPR. We are signatories to the 5 Rights foundation. Ensuring that young people remain safe while they thrive. If you’d like to learn more about this you can also read our privacy policy.


Working with Liverpool Hope University, who tested the assessment with over 1000 young people, we can be sure that BeingMe is the only fully validated app that lets schools identify which students can benefit from extra support in specific areas. To learn more about our assessments have a look at our assessment page.


There are two main reports we generate. The first is a Resilience matrix and the second is an expanded SHANNARI40® report. These reports work together to give detailed insights into where a young person is doing well and where they could use extra support. To learn more about these reports have a look at our assessment page.


BeingMe allows teachers to generate detailed information about student wellbeing outside of classroom time. BeingMe can also be used to reassess students periodically. This allows teachers to verify if the current level of support is actually improving the young person’s wellbeing.


BeingMe is designed to minimise adult intervention in the assessment process, definitions for difficult words and an accessibility mode for young people who struggle with reading means most young people can do the assessment independently. The app is also available on a wide variety of platforms to ensure all young people can access it in some way.

Meet Alex

BeingMe’s interactive avatar

When a young person uses BeingMe they meet Alex, an avatar who guides them through the app and asks them questions about their life. An animated avatar requires the student to use additional senses for them to process Alex’s voice and moving mouth as well as the question being asked. This prompts a more emotional response and creates a connection with the subject matter at a subconscious level.

This was proven in a trial carried out by Liverpool Hope University including over 1200 pupils. The students wellbeing scores were lower when completing the assessment using BeingMe than when they did the assessment on paper. This suggests they were more truthful when using the app. It was also found that the test/retest reliability of the app was greater than that of a paper assessment.

More information about resilience

The term resilience generally refers to a person’s ability to overcome adversity. When given opportunities to experience wellbeing and competence our resilience improves. These experiences can come from many sources, such as families, schools, health services and communitiesThis understanding of resilience shifts our focus when encouraging positive development through adversity. Individuals who are best able to interact with the resources available to them show the most resilience during adversity.

To find out more about the way APPA Scotland is attempting to improve young people’s resilience using digital technology, please visit the APPA Scotland website. Alternatively, if you’d like to learn more about resilience please take a look at the websites and articles provided.

PSHE Curriculum

APPA Scotland has developed a PSHE curriculum targeted at students in their first year of secondary school. The curriculum is designed to work alongside the BeingMe app. Each lesson builds upon the SHANNARI indicators that are used to assess wellbeing, and gives young people the opportunity to develop their own wellbeing. The app can be used to regularly assess and track the students progress on different topics throughout the year. The curriculum also fits the guidelines for the Key Stage 3 curriculum in English education and Es&Os in Scottish Education.

Get the app

BeingMe can be accessed on almost any device connected to the internet. It is available on IOS and Android phones or tablets, or if you prefer you can use the WebApp in any web browser. This means every student in your school should be able to access the assessment in some way or another, whether it is using their own devices or ones in school.

The BeingMe app is free to use for an individual user to view their own reports. Purchasing a subscription for your school allows teachers to view detailed reports of any student assigned to them and track their progress.

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with us, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Buy a subscription for the app

The BeingMe app allows young people to view their own wellbeing reports, however, schools can purchase subscriptions for their schools. BeingMe makes it easier for teachers to assess and identify young people who may be struggling with their health and wellbeing. The app self-administers the assessment to young people. Simply hand out a device with the app installed or visit our web-based application and let the young person work through the assessment. Feedback is provided to the young person directly and teachers can log onto a portal and obtain reports that give insight into the wellbeing of the student.

These reports provide schools with;

  • A common wellbeing baseline for all pupils.
  • Early targeted identification of wellbeing issues that are symptomless.
  • Targeted conversations with young people about specific issues in their life
  • Focused intervention that leaves young people ready to thrive

To find out more about how BeingMe’s assessments and reports can benefit your school please click here.

The APPA Portal

Easily manage and view students reports


The portal generates reports that give detailed insights into young people’s health and wellbeing. Teachers can view them online or download them for later use.


The format of the reports can be easily changed, allowing teachers to view them in a way is easiest to understand. They can also be compared with previous reports to allow easier progress tracking.


All communication with the portal is encrypted and all data and reports are stored securely. We can also easily delete any information we have upon request.

Often teachers are responsible for the health and wellbeing of many students, the APPA Portal allows them to easily analyse students reports as well as automatically flagging any students we believe need more help than they are currently getting. This frees up time that would be spent identifying struggling young people and allows more time to be spent supporting those students.

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